Read Across America and our Read-a-thon


To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday and “Read Across America”, the children are asked to participate in a “Read-a-Thon”.  This reading event will see which class can read the most books during a one week period.  This includes all classroom, Infant – 1st Grade. Of course the parents will be doing the reading for the younger children but those that can read will read on their own. The contest will run from Monday, February 29th to Sunday, March 6th.  Keep track on your chart all the books your children have read or that you have read to your child(ren), keep in mind that the same book can be read numerous times. Just keep track of how many times it was read.  You may also use the same form for all of your children if you read the books to them as a group.  Put each child’s name and classroom on the form if you choose to do this. Please turn in the completed form to the lead teacher of your class by Monday, March 7th. If your child is reading chapter books, you may count each 32 pages as one book read. The number of books read will be averaged with the number of students in the class.  The class that achieves the highest average of books read will receive an ice cream party, unless they are too young, as well as recognition throughout the school!  Every child that participates in the “Read-a-Thon” will receive a book courtesy of Little Treasures. Let’s all help foster a love of reading in our children and participate in this contest.