Read-a-Thon Results are in!!


We are very pleased with the results of this year’s Read-A-Thon.


This year’s classroom winner, whom will be treated to an ice cream party by the school, was the Outstanding Owl who read an average of 49 books per child.

The top reading child in each classroom is listed below along with the school’s top 10 readers.  All children who participated will be receiving a certificate. The top reader in each classroom will also get an additional certificate with the Classroom name.

Be sure to congratulate all of the participating children (and parents).


Each Classroom’s Top Reader

Elephants        Pranav Srinivasan      14 books

Turtles             Amelia Rose Tralha     47 books

Ladybugs        Beau Carr                        17 books

Penguins         Oonmani Shinde         102 books

Fish                  Diviya Patel                   70 books

Horses             Ilina Dayal                     47 books

Cats                 Shaurya Iyer                  82 books

Giraffes           David Lapinski             60 books

Ducks              Victoria Sidorov           49 books

Alligators        Aiden Luke                   45 books

Monkeys         Agamya Bhat              123 books

Bears               Felisha Zhu                  26 books

Kangaroos      Brooke Begley             14 books

Jaguars            Thejas Chithamur     38 books

Zebras              Yukti Malik              104 books

Seals               Ishan Patel                  72 books

Owls                Ria Dahiya                 69 books


Top 10 Readers Overall

Monkeys        Agamya Bhat          123 books

Zebras            Yukti Malik             104 books

Penguins       Oonmani Shinde    102 books

Cats                Shaurya Iyer            82 books

Seals               Ishan Patel               72 books

Zebras            Rijul Singh                71 books

Fish                Diviya Patel              70 books

Owls               Ria Dahiya                69 books

Zebras            Dhruv Bharadwaj   68 books

Owls                Imani Khandker    63 books



Congratulations again to all participants!