Pre-K Prep Edison NJ


Cool Cats, Helpful Horses and Gentle Giraffes  (30 months 3 years)
These programs have a child to teacher ratio of 7:1 and are offered year round.


In this stage, it is important to nurture the child’s sudden increase of verbal communication and comprehension. We do this through activities that allow your child to express themselves and explore their environment. We incorporate the Creative Curriculum in our daily and language development activities including story time and letter recognition. Math concepts such as counting, matching and learning shapes and colors are included in the weekly activities. Dramatic play areas allow for role playing to take place. Music and Movement is used daily in the classroom to help children develop an appreciation for dance and music, along with music class by our Music teacher, Ms. Joyce. Daily art activities help to introduce children to different materials and ideas. Gym class taught by our gym instructor, Ms. Daniela, helps children develop their gross motor skills and coordination. Children are also assisted with potty training to get them ready for the PreK program. View Prices

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