Kindergarten Program Edison NJ


Super Seals and Zealous Zebras (5-6 year old)
Kindergarten classes have a child to teacher ratio of 12:1. Kindergarten classes are offered from September to June.

Little Treasures Learning Center offers Kindergarten program in Edison NJ. In Kindergarten program children are exposed to a variety of activities which develop them socially, physically and academically. Our certified kindergarten teachers will balance your child’s day with teacher guided activities as well as child guided activities. Students receive group instruction, as well as individual instruction, with our hands on approach to learning. We use the research proven curriculum of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys Common Core. Like the Common Core State Standards, Journeys Common Core reflects an integrated model of literacy. Instruction and application in the four strands. Reading and Literature (including Foundational Skills), Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language are linked to the complex texts and topics with which students engage. Math in Focus/Singapore Math is a program that focuses on building problem-solving skills and an in-depth understanding of essential math skills. Our Kindergarten program also includes music, computer, Spanish and gym classes. View Prices

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