Infants Edison NJ


Young Infant

Enchanting Elephants (6 weeks 12 months)
This program has a child to teacher ratio of 3:1 and is offered year round.


Little Treasures Learning Center offers Infant Day Care program in Edison NJ. Infant teachers are professionals who love working with our littlest Treasures. Your baby will receive the individual care and loving attention that is so  important at this early stage of development and our teachers are aware of all the developmental milestones in your Child’s 1st year. Your infant takes a lead role in this program. The questionnaire, filled out by mom or dad, tells us your infant’s feeding and sleeping schedules as well as his likes and dislikes. A primary caregiver will follow that schedule to keep him/her well rested, nurtured and loved. Throughout the day, we will provide opportunities to develop your child’s language skills (through singing, playing, reading and talking), gross and fine motor skills and social skills. Simple sign language like eat, more and please is also used during the day when interacting with your child. Since many motor skills develop sooner than verbal skills, sign language will enable your baby to communicate his wants and needs more effectively. Every new interaction gives your baby information about the world. The curriculum is from Creative Curriculum. View Prices

Mobile Infant

Terrific Turtles (12 months 18 months)
This program also has a child to teacher ratio of 3:1 and is offered year round.

infants-turtles-colAt this fascinating and crucial stage in your baby’s development, they become very mobile crawling, walking, and climbing over and under, putting things in and out of containers, making new sounds and beginning to speak words. At this stage, your child is provided with an enriched learning program which balances play and daily routine. We follow a schedule that provides your busy infant with the proper nutrition, rest, language, sensory and physical activities that they need to develop. Play is a crucial part of your child’s social, physical and cognitive development. It is how he/she will explore, experiment and learn. Our caring staff will stimulate your child’s natural curiosity by giving her the options and opportunities to explore and experience the world around her. Basic sign language is used to introduce new words and facilitate their language development. This age group uses the Toddler level of the Creative curriculum. View Prices

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