Enrolling in Full Day Kindergarten is the best choice!


Is enrolling your child in a Full Day Kindergarten program a better option for your child than Half-Day Kindergarten? While it is certainly a personal choice, there are so many reasons for choosing Full Day Kindergarten. Research shows that 5-year-olds are more than ready for a longer school day—and do better in a setting that allows them time to learn and explore activities in depth.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common reasons.

So many children begin first grade several steps behind their peers. Full day kindergarten helps make sure that students build the strong base of learning they will need to succeed throughout school and life. Data demonstrates that children in full-day kindergarten classes show greater reading and mathematics achievement gains than those in half-day classes (Walston and West/National Center for Education Statistics). Full Day Kindergarten also offers social, emotional and intellectual benefits to kindergarteners, giving them more time to focus and reflect on activities, and transition between them. Full Day Programs better prepare students first grade, providing a bridge between prekindergarten programs and more structured learning in first grade (Education Commission of the United States).

As parents, we should do everything within our power to provide our children with the tools necessary to succeed in life. The choice you make today will reflect in your child’s success in the future.