Enrichment Classes



One of our Enrichment Classes is the perfect way to broaden your child’s experience with a vast array of wonderful programs, available only to students enrolled at our school. Classes are 30/45/60 minutes per session and are instructed by specialized teachers in their core area of expertise. Gym (Pre-K Prep through Kindergarten), Computer Classes (Pre-K through Kindergarten), Music (Pre-K Prep and Pre-K) and Spanish (Jr-K and Kindergarten)  are included in your child’s program at no additional charge. Enrichment Classes are offered during the fall, winter and spring for an additional fee. Pick up an enrollment form at the front office.

Sports With Daniella

Children will explore the basic elements and rules of various sports in a fun filled learning environment. Every few weeks children will practice and enjoy a new sport. Children will develop skills such as passing, catching, hitting, kicking, jumping and throwing while learning to play baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis and more. Classes are taught by our Gym Teacher, Ms Daniella.

Art Classes with Ms. Bea

art-classesThrough the masterpieces of the greatest artists, children will explore new art concepts and art media, while drawing, painting, sponging, cutting and gluing. Each art lesson is carefully designed to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A proper tripod grasp is taught to control drawing and painting utensils in order to effectively form strokes (curves, slants, vertical and horizontal lines) and shapes. Children are also taught to use, respect, and care for art tools, materials, and each other’s work.


Soccer is a fun-filled and age appropriate soccer program for our Pre-K through Kindergarten students. The 10-session season is based on various thematic games that include instruction time and one on one assistance. Each 30 minutes session is taught by Coach Troy, who has been teaching soccer since 2010 and is licensed by the NJ State Youth Soccer Association. This is a safe and enjoyable experience for you child.

Fun Bus

The FUN BUS is a full sized school bus that comes to our child care center, whose seats have all been removed and walls and floor carpeted and padded. The FUN BUS philosophy is to enhance learning going on inside the classroom and home, using a hands-on approach to FITNESS and making it FUN for the young child, boy or girl, rain or shine!
This padded and safe equipment varies week to week depending on our lesson plans and children. At the end of each session we have a “cool down” period, each child receives a stamp or sticker for doing a wonderful job.

Tae-Kwon Do

Using physical training an mental discipline, Tae-Kwon Do will teach your children not only how strengthen their bodies, but they will also be taught self-defense while boosting their self confidence and self-esteem. A Primary Black Belt and gold medalist herself, Ms. Daniella helps teach the values of respect, trust, and patience through this form of Martial Arts, by helping each child in her class build a positive sense of self-esteem through fun self-defense techniques.

Piano with Ms. Jenny

A fun musical experience for our Jr-K and Kindergarten students, children enrolled in Ms. Jenny’s Piano Class not only enhance their listening skills, but their appreciation for music. Throughout the class, students learn important musical concepts from various compositions and are given the opportunity to play them on the piano. The program is designed to give your child amusical foundation in rhythm, ear-training, and note reading through fun interactive activities, movement, singing and keyboard playing. Each lesson improves memory, hand-eye coordination, and stimulates self-expression, creativity and imagination.

Robotics I and II

Our Computer teacher, Ms. Penny works with the children in Robotics and beginning Programming. Children learn what a robot is and what programming means.  Robotics I has children creating their own simple programs and input them into our mouse robot and our mini robot, Bee-Bot and maneuvering through obstacle courses. In Robotics II, we will program and create pictures with our more advanced robot, Pro-Bot. We will be having so much fun, the children won’t realize how hard they are working or how much they are learning!

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