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Safety & Security

Safety & Security


At Little Treasures Learning Center, we take your child’s safety and security very seriously, offering children a fun filled day in a safe and secure facility. Parents and teachers are given fingerprint access to enter the Center. Using Procare Touch fingerprint identity machine, our Biometric ID Pad, fingerprints are stored and used to check your children in or out. Only authorized people can pick up your child or check them in or out of the Center. We must have a parents consent and valid photo ID. Visitors are welcomed at the door by a director or assistant director. The playground is a secure fenced in area where children can enjoy outside activities with staff supervision. The surface under our play units is an artificial grass that passes all safety regulations. Our internal video surveillance provides directors with a view of all the classrooms at the same time.

Internet viewing is offered to all parents. You’ll love being able to check in on your child’s class whenever you want. During your child’s registration, you will be given instructions so that you can log in to our secure Internet Viewing to peek in at the classroom activities.

Biometric Entry


Your child’s safety is one of our main concerns. Pick up and drop off are closely monitored. Our parents enter our school by placing a finger on the ID pad which then identifies who they are and who they are authorized to drop off or pick up. LTLC does not record the fingerprint of anyone. Instead, a mathematical calculation (algorithm) is used, based on a unique set of data points within the fingerprint, to identify each person. In other words, a number (a value) is assigned to represent each fingerprint. Only those people authorized by the child’s parent/guardian to pick up their child on a regular basis are given access through this system.

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