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Q: Do you have an open parent policy?

A: Yes. Parents are welcome to visit and pick up their children at any point during the day. However, we do ask that you notify us ahead of time to minimize the disruption to our daily routine.

Q: Can I watch my child from work?

A: Yes. Parents are given their own id and password information when they they register their child at Little Treasures Learning Center . This gives parents a chance to view the classroom activities through out the day.

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Yes. Children enrolled at Little Treasures Learning Center have the option to bring food from home or purchase the meal plan. Look at the fees schedule for prices.

Q: Is there a snack program for children in your care?

A: Yes. All children enrolled at Little Treasures Learning Center receive a mid morning snack that consists of dry cereal served with milk and a mid afternoon snack that consists of cookies or crackers served with juice. Parents may send alternate snacks if they wish to.

Q: What kind of emergency training does your staff have?

A: All of our childcare providers are required to have infant and child first aid and CPR training.

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